Calvary Community Church is committed to worshiping God, helping people meet Jesus, and training believers for active service.


We are a fellowship of Deaf and Hearing Believers worshiping together.

All services are in American Sign Language and voice.
Service Times Each Week:

Sun 10:00AM - Coffee

Sun 10:30AM - Worship

Tue 7:00PM - Bible Study



Welcome to Calvary Community Church!

We are proud to be an Assemblies of God Church and to be pentecostal. We love the move of the Holy Spirit and encourage our members to be filled with the Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. We further encourage them to seek the Spiritual gifts resident in the Apostles and members of the New Testament Church.  

We hope you have come to worship with us. Please think of making CCC your church home, and us your church family.  

American Sign Language flows freely in our church. If you are Deaf, we’re sure it makes you feel comfortable. If you do not know Sign Language, that might be a little strange to you. It might be a little distracting at first, but give yourself a little time to get used to it. We believe it pleases God when Hearing and Deaf people worship together as equals.  

You might be saying to yourself, “Is this a Deaf Church or a Hearing Church?” 

The answer is “Yes!" We are both, and very proud of that. We do not expect you to learn Sign Language. Just pick up a white board and write a little note to that Deaf person next to you. They read smiles, but may not read lips. All of us, both Deaf and Hearing want to let our love flow out to you today and every time you come.